About Us


Find solace in the tranquil serenity of our rustic farm, where comfort and charm embrace you. Unwind in our unique and cosy farm-style hideaways, bask in the inviting glow of log fireplaces, and revitalise yourself in indulgent jacuzzi spa baths. Moreover, stay seamlessly connected with our reliable inverters, ensuring constant lights and Wi-Fi for uninterrupted relaxation and convenience. Surrender to relaxation and convenience in perfect harmony.

Feel at home

Experience a sense of belonging at our history-rich farm-style Guest House, where the finest South African home-cooked meals await. Indulge in the culinary expertise of our Prue Leith-trained chef and dedicated support staff at our Tea Garden or The Deck Restaurant. Enjoy our two inviting swimming pools, sip refreshing beverages from our Honesty Bar, and revel in the awe-inspiring views and serene tranquillity of the majestic Drakensberg peaks.


Stroll through our spread-out farm, where diverse wildlife awaits, from majestic Ground Hornbills and Bald Ibis to the elegant Blue Crane. For a touch of adventure, test your angling skills with largemouth bass fishing. Enhancing the farm experience, our resident Rietbok (Redunca arundinum), miniature horses, flocks of sheep and other farm animals provide unforgettable moments for families seeking nostalgic memories to cherish for a lifetime.


Discover the captivating Ardmore Museum, showcasing a remarkable collection of over 100 pieces from the renowned Ardmore Ceramic Art Studio founded by Fee Halstead (1985 to 2009) right here at Ardmore Guest Farm. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of our farm and the nearby Spioenkop area, home to historic battlefields that shaped South Africa’s future in the early 1900s. Uncover stories that bring history to life.