Within 1 Hour from Ardmore.
  • Fort Dunford, British fort in Estcourt, built in the Boer War, now a museum open Mon – Fri 9 – 4.
  • Spioenkop Battlefield (Boer war), Ladysmith Battlefields and Ladysmith Seige Museum and Winston Churchill capture sight memorial, on the road to Estcourt from Winterton.
  • Royal Natal National Park and Ampitheatre and Tugela Falls, second highest in the world at 973m, seen after a 3 hour walk.
  • Cathedral Park and Hlalanathi and Estcourt Golf Courses.
  • Didima Rock Art Museum at Cathedral Peak.
  • Injasuthi, awesome rock pools and many walks.
  • Weenen Game Reserve – many animals including Rhino and Giraffe.